ACEI offers the following advising services:

ACEI advises students on their higher education plans based on their individual interests and abilities. We are familiar with colleges and universities in the USA and our goal is to assist students with their higher education aspirations. Please see our list of services and prices.


45-minute Zoom Meeting

Note: This fee will be deducted if student opts to work with ACEI using one of the Advising Services outlined below.

$2,250.00 for each category below for student’s top 5 colleges:

  • Undergraduate Freshman College/University
  • Undergraduate Transfer College/University
  • Graduate University or Professional School

All include:

  • Review student’s academic records
  • Perform preliminary evaluation of academic records to determine U.S. educational equivalence and language proficiency
  • Discuss student’s college/university choices
  • Evaluate student’s skills, interests, and extra-curricular activities
  • Advise on tuition/cost, scholarships, location/geography, major/field of study
  • Assist student with preparing for campus visits and interviews
  • Review and offer feedback on essays
  • Check letters of recommendation (maximum 2) to ensure they meet criteria
  • Work with student to develop an initial list of top 5 colleges/universities for submitting applications
  • Finalize list of colleges/universities for submitting applications
  • Follow application process of colleges/universities with student to ensure all documents sent and application is complete and ready for admission counselor review by deadline
  • Review of colleges’/universities’ acceptance letters and scholarship awards