e-learning webinars cover a variety of topics on U.S. and international education. Our e-learning webinars are designed to help international admissions professionals, recruiters, credential evaluators, state regulatory/licensing board examiners, human resource administrators, students and international candidates understand the U.S. educational system and academic credentials from around the world as well as trends and developments in education and learning.

ACEI’s e-learning webinars include both lecture and interactive components designed to provide attendees with practical take-away tools. Our e-learning webinars are facilitated and taught by our experienced senior evaluation staff as well as guest educators from academic institutions and organizations engaged in international admissions and enrollment, curriculum development and instruction and comparative education.


Topics covered in our e-learning webinars include but not limited to the following:

  • Updates on Education Systems from Around the World
  • Overview of Country Specific Education Systems with Credential Evaluation Guidelines
  • Fraudulent Credentials and Detection Tips
  • Diploma and Accreditation Mills and Guidelines in Detecting Bogus Schools and Diplomas
  • Teaching Strategies for On-Line Courses (recommended for teachers)
  • Training the On-line Learners and Other Life Skills (great for students and individuals of all ages thinking of enrolling in on-line college courses)

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ACEI Video Presentations

Diversity___Inclusion (002)

So you think you're diverse? Examining your Institution's Diversity and Inclusion practice.

Presenter: Kathleen Hylen

There is a lot of pressure on universities today to be more diverse and inclusive in their study body – not just in terms of race but also gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, social class, national origin, and more. According to Peterson’s, “Diversity means that the campus is viewed as a welcoming environment for anyone who wants to apply. Having an inclusive mission at an educational institution says something progressive and important about their campus that they value diversity and will allow their students to express themselves as they see fit.”



Gorgeous female with beautiful smile sitting in lotus pose with silver computer on legs, demonstrating american flag on camera over grey wall

Thinking of studying in the United States? Finding the right university for you.

Presenter: Dmitry Satsuk

With well over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States, how is one to make the right choice? This webinar is designed to help you navigate both undergraduate and graduate programs in the U.S., then advise you on the application process and financial aid issues for international students.



Insider-Threat-Wolf-With-Sheep (003)

Accreditation and Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Presenter: Zina Rumleanscaia

This webinar is geared towards international credential evaluators, as well as those higher education professionals who seek to form institutional partnerships, establish exchange and dual degree programs, and those who assist students with choosing a study abroad programs and transferring credit. We will examine current issues to take into account when evaluating the accreditation status of higher education institutions abroad and resources that help identify institutions with dubious accreditation.



Diversity & Inclusion in Higher Education in Institutions Framed with Institutional Racism

Presenter: Fazela Haniff

Within the international higher education space, there are compelling proposals to revitalize internationalization by internationalizing the curricula. However, institutions must first address their structural biases and their institutional racial history. While it would indeed be good to have BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) representation in International offices, the institutions have to make the whole environment conducive by addressing institutional racism.



Laura Webinar

How Do We Rebound Module 2: Marketing Tool Kit

Presenter: Laura Sipple

We have examined armchair recruitment, now we are looking at fine-tuning your branding and marketing to address new needs in higher education. With the new administration, comes new opportunities to reach your audiences. This webinar will cover:

● Detailed case study illustrating marketing success rebounding from the COVID19 and Trump era.

● Useful take away tool kit for marketing initiatives

● Tips for successful ways for target marketing and branding specific to higher education.

zoom webinar pic

Zooming in on Armchair Recruitment

Presenter: Dmitry Satsuk

In this webinar hear from an expert at the forefront of international recruitment and admissions about the strategies to recruit international students from your living room.


How to Spot Fake Online Programs

Presenter: Allen Ezell

Join ACEI’s President & CEO, Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert and retired FBI Agent, Allen Ezell, as they share examples of fake schools and programs and take you on a journey into the dark underbelly of the world’s largest and most profitable diploma mill.


Mindful Minutes with ACEI, Safe Space, Work Place, Session 1 

Presenter: Abby Wills
Presenter: Brian Aguilar
Presenter: Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert
Presenter: Kathleen Hylen
Presenter: Laura Sippel
Presenter: Michael Kuehnert

This webinar is an introduction to ACEI’s Part One of Mindful Minutes with ACEI - Safe Space, Virtual Place. Covering the Current State and Helpful Tools/Tips.

Password: 6Pcfj4t2


Mindful Minutes with ACEI, Safe Space-Virtual Space, Session 2

Presenter: Abby Wills

Join our open discussion as we share Work-from-Home tips and coping mechanisms for these difficult times. You are not alone. We are in this together. #SeparateTogether


Mindful Minutes with ACEI, Safe Space, Virtual Space, Session 3

Presenter: Abby Wills

This web chat will offer practices to foster emotional resilience in these trying times. Abby will briefly cover the effects of mindfulness on the nervous system, including how to cultivate awareness for regulating the stress response and invoking the relaxation response.

mindful minuted June 2020

Mindful Minutes with ACEI, Safe Space, Virtual Space, Session 4

Presenter: Abby Wills

ACEI's Mindful Minutes provides a moment of rest and refueling in these times of upheaval. In this session, we will utilize the mind-body connection to foster personal stability. Practicing mindfulness in community, we will interact with care for connection.

mindful minuted September 2020

Mindful Minutes with ACEI, Safe Space, Virtual Place, Session 5

Presenter: Abby Wills

Self-care is crucial right now. To effectively navigate our way through the unknown, we need to first take care of our own well-being, before we can help our loved ones, co-workers, students, applicants.


How to be a Warrior and not a Worrier in a COVID-19 World?

Presenters: Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert, Laura Sipple, Kathleen Hylen, Fazela Haniff

This webinar will showcase ACEI’s Global Consulting Group© by providing tactical tools for reshaping your objectives.

 password: Dwp5kaWu



Indonesia-Education System and Opportunity

Presenter: Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert

Presenter: Alan Saidi

This webinar highlights the Indonesian Education structure and the increasing viability of Indonesian educated students in the U.S. education system.


Colombia-Education Update and Opportunities for Student Mobility

Presenter: Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert

This webinar highlights the Colombian Education structure and the increasing viability of Colombian educated students in the U.S. education system.


Scottish Qualifications Authority

Diploma to Degree: A Global Progression Pathway Made in Scotland

Presenter: Mags Hutchinson

Presenter: Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert

In this webinar learn more about working in partnership with the Scottish Qualifications Authority and how to offer your students a range of progression pathways to Higher Education Institutions around the world.