Guide to Choosing a College/University Major in the U.S.

May 7th, 2015 “A major is a specific subject area that students specialize in. Typically, between one-third and one-half of the courses you’ll take in college will be in your major or related to it.” (The College Board) Applying to a U.S. college to pursue your undergraduate studies is daunting, not to mention waiting for […]

6 Common Misconceptions About Mathematics Degrees

March 12th, 2015 [Note: This blog, written by Samantha Woodcock, was originally posted on, and reposted here on Academic Exchange by permission from the author.] Considering studying mathematics at university but not sure you fit the right mold? Think it’ll be too difficult, too nerdy, or won’t provide enough career options? Get ready to re-think […]

BA and BS Degrees: Similarities and Differences

March 5th, 2015 One of the questions we frequently hear from our international student applicants, who’re having their transcripts evaluated by us, is on the difference between the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees. Students entering a four-year college here in the US expect to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, […]

The Brief Shelf Life of India’s Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree

October 16th, 2014 In India, the bachelor’s degree in arts and sciences has been typically a three-year program patterned after the British system. Here in the U.S. a few international credential evaluation professionals have been recognizing the three-year bachelor’s degree from India as equivalent to the U.S. four-year degree. At ACEI, our position has been […]

International Credential Evaluation: A Matter of Trust

June 27, 2013 When I first entered the international education profession in 1982 as a junior level credential evaluator, there were less than 10 companies engaged in providing credential evaluation services. Today, there are more than 300 such companies spread across the U.S. Question that I get asked is how does one go about picking […]

Embracing International Students: Lowering Standards for the Almighty $$$

May 3, 2012 As we seek ways to attract international students to our college campuses, lowering our standards and accepting candidates solely to boost revenue and clout doesn’t seem to be a smart way of going about it. But, it is exactly what’s happening. As states cut back on subsidies, slashing budgets and tightening belts, […]