Comments to our blog “Travel: The Bridge to Friendship.”

November 05, 2012 We received a few comments on our Facebook page about our recent blog “Travel: The Bridge to Friendship” (11/01/12) which we’d like to share with you. Please feel free to comment on our blog page and share our posts. Thank you. “Let me first start by saying how much I love your […]


May 31th 2012 The West African women are warm and welcoming. I am here to observe their conversational English group, which I will be helping to lead a few weeks from now in July and August, as a literacy volunteer tutor. Their group has been meeting at the library for six months. I am not […]

Useless Literary Terms Come Alive

May 17 2012 Synedoche: figure of speech wherein part represents whole, e.g. “crown” stands for “king” or “queen”. Objective Correlative: T.S. Eliot’s literary device, akin to metaphor, where an object or thing represents an emotion or feeling. How do I know such obscure things? Rather than following my dad’s advice to pursue a more practical […]

The Music of Language

January 5, 2012 by Jackie Parker I had been asked to teach a writing workshop for a group of women and their teenage daughters who lived within blocks of each other in Alhambra California, a city of 80,000 eight miles from downtown Los Angeles. Alhambra is the birthplace of the painter Norman Rockwell whose scenes […]