Why Does Mindfulness Matter in Schools

07/15/16 This is not an article about the neuroscience supporting mindful practices in schools. For that good stuff, click here and here. Nor is this a treatise on the many ways mindful practices contribute to academic success. You can read about that here. And click here for a well executed visual on the importance of mindful practices […]

Creative Imagery to Support Teen Mindfulness

April 14th, 2016 We are pleased to have our guest blogger, and favorite educator, Abby Wills, contributing to this week’s blog. Abby and her team at Shanti Generation have been steadfast with their drive and passion to promote the teaching of mindfulness to teens in our schools. In this week’s blog Abby shares with us […]

Get Teens Talking About Mindfulness

September 25, 2014 Teens hear their peers’ voices and words in very different ways than they hear their parents and teachers. This is why getting teens to talk about their mindfulness experiences is a pivotal component of effective teen yoga classes. I encourage teen yoga teachers to “get good” at facilitating potent group discussions. The […]