What are International Offices doing for POC international student’s safety?

  Written by: Fazela Haniff   May 13, 2021  In the past year, since the COVID pandemic was declared, several articles, webinars and even books from distinguished academics and administrators have addressed how to shift the business of reengineering academic institutions to tackle the loss of income of international students.   Almost all higher education […]

The Value of the Humanities for All

  May 4, 2021 Written by Jack Cheng Have I mentioned that for the last 20 years I’ve been teaching art history to adult students in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston? My class is part of a year-long, college-level undertaking called the Clemente Course in the Humanities, one of dozens given across the country. It’s […]

Unconscious Bias in Academia

  April 30, 2021 Unconscious Bias in Academia Written by: Fazela Haniff “The University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University are facing serious questions about how researchers handled human remains from the 1985 police bombing of a Black separatist group in West Philadelphia. This scrutiny follows revelations that the universities housed unidentified children’s remains from the […]

Guide to Bogus Institutions and Documents-New Publication from AACRAO released with AICE help

April 22, 2021 Guide to Bogus Institutions and Documents   (AACRAO) releases a new publication — Guide to Bogus Institutions and Documents — which highlights the past, current, and future state of fraudulent institutions, diploma mills, and counterfeit documentation. In addition to providing context and history, the authors provide recommendations for combating these issues going forward as many of […]

It’s 2021…How do we rebound? Marketing Toolkit for International Education

March 30, 2021 Earlier in March 2021, Laura Sippel, President of Laura Sippel Dynamic Consulting, who also serves on ACEI’s Global Consulting Group as Media & Branding Strategist, presented a webinar on “How do we Rebound?  Marketing Toolkit.” The following is a recap of the highlights of her presentation. For a complete recording, please click […]

The World of Habits and Their Upcoming Influence

March 19, 2021   So many things are occurring right now: the vaccine, schools starting face to face instruction, establishments opening, college students adjusting to another class format. The events and changes of the last year have strong emotional and cognitive impacts on students. Although international travel is still very restrictive, some things seem to […]

Zooming in on Armchair Recruitment

In February 2021, ACEI hosted a webinar on the future of international student recruitment. Our presenter was Dmitry Satsuk, Senior International Credential Consultant to ACEI, and Director of International Admissions at Manhattan College. For a complete recording of this webinar presentation, please click here If you think of a worst-case scenario for the international admissions […]

PUSHOUT: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools

January 7, 2021 Based on Dr. Monique W. Morris’ groundbreaking book of the same name, Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools confronts the continuing criminalization and miseducation of Black girls in the United States, who are the fastest-growing population in the juvenile justice system with alarming dropout rates due to this systemic mistreatment. […]